Looking for a really convenient reuseable water bottle? Vapur is rollable, foldable, easily packable anywhere when empty, but stands when full. Made of a highly durable BPA-free polymer, Vapur is freezable and dishwasher safe. It comes with its own carabiner, so it’s easily attached anywhere- lunchbox, stroller, diaper bag, backpack, you name it and it has a writable space for personalization.

Instead of carrying a heavy water bottle around town with you or packing a heavy bottle that your child has to lug back and forth to school, this little, lightweight option can be toted here and there, empty or full and filled and refilled at will. You can even pack it frozen with lunch to keep everything cold and still have some nice cool water for lunch without having to pack an ice pack. Just be sure to pack it in the freezer neatly or you might end up with a shape that’s not quite as easy to pack. I took it along to an outdoor event at my son’s new school last week and it was such a welcome addition. It was really convenient to have it hanging from the handlebar of the stroller. My son loved it so much, he traded me for it and drank the whole bottle. The sports top was easy for his 5 year old hand to operate, but we still had no leaks. Once empty I just threw it into my bag and it went home far less cumbersome than the other heavy stainless bottle I brought along.

The Vapur holds 16 ounces and is available in 6 colors, blue, green, pink, purple, smoke and the brand new orange. Extra sports caps or twist tops are also available. The bottle retails for $8.95, so it’s an economical choice, as well as super practical. A few more pluses from Vapur– the bottles ship flat taking up nearly 90% less space and using less fuel to transport than rigid water bottles, the packaging is printed using wind power on 100% post-consumer paper and they support water related environmental causes through participation in 1% for the Planet. Please visit Vapur’s site for more information.

* Vapur provided a sample for review

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