My husband is a trooper and my daughter is a ham! Works out perfectly for me. LOL!!

So, Bill and I are dressing up for Halloween this year. We thought it would be cute to go as Jessie and Buzz from ‘Toy Story’ since our children absolutely LOVE the movie.

This costume is from Jakks and is available in a variety of stores including Toys R Us for $33! I love that there is no thinking involved with this purchase. Everything comes in the bag and in 2 minutes you are SET to go trick or treating. Whenever I try to get creative and make my own costume I end up spending WAY TOO MUCH TIME on the fine details. Bill is a perfect Buzz and I didn’t spend 2 weeks shopping around for all the right parts. Awesome!

Jakks has a TON of great styles to choose from – included but not limited to –

Have you decided what you want your children to go as this year? Are they making that choice on their own? What about you? Do you dress up?? What are you going as?

If I had my way Natalie would be going as ‘My Little Pony Pinkie Pie’. LOVE IT! But for some reason my princess wants to be Bat Girl. LOL – of course she does.

*company sent sample for review

Written by Vera

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