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Wine For Those People Who Don’t Like Wine (But Wish They Did)

I’ve been without the Internet for a few days and needless to say I’m having a panic attack! I’m on vacation with the family – which is something to celebrate for 2 reasons. First because I am spending quality time with my kids. SECOND BECAUSE I FOUND WINE THAT I REALLY LIKE!!!

I found a connection and like a loser… I mean true lover of communication… I had to post this post.

I never drink. I WISH I liked wine like all my friends. My husband is OBSESSED with tasting new flavors etc. Me? I end up with a coke with lemon. So boring!

Well, this weekend I went to Wolffer Vineyard and found a bottle that I la-la-love! It’s actually apple wine. Not grape wine!

If you are like me (someone who wants to like wine but doesn’t) – then this bottle is for you! I bought a few and am now stocked up! Woo Hoo!

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