My daughter can not get over the fact that she has a laptop. I mean – she is ecstatic. SLEPT with it last night! A daughter just wants to be like her mom and this mom is attached to her laptop. So I completely understand why.

The B-Smart Learning Laptop By Barbie offers over 70 activities and is a GREAT way to introduce the QWERTY keyboard to young learners.

Natalie is too young to read and most of the activities require some level of ability, but as long as I stick around and play with her she is good to go.

What type of activities are included?

  • math
  • spelling
  • logic reasoning
  • memory fun
  • music
  • general games

One of the games that she can do on her own is the memory game. Barbie flashes colors and Natalie has to replicate the pattern. It’s a great way to get their logic skills in action.

Last night after her bath she made me bring my laptop on her bed so we could “work together”. It’s really sweet.

Available on Amazon.
Written by Vera

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