What Everyone Should Have In Their Trunk This Winter

As some of you know I spent last weekend in the Hamptons with a few blogging buddies and OnStar. I posted a silly video in case you missed it. My friend Audrey is actually working on the second one – so stay tuned.

During one of our sessions a representative from GM walked us through some tips on how to maintain your car. As embarrassing as this may be for me to admit… I had NO idea how to change oil, add windshield wiping fluid, check the pressure in my car or pop the trunk. Yeah – I said it. I’ve always had someone around to help and never took the time to learn. I plan on making a few videos of these tips should you also be in this boat.

One of the things that GM recommends is having a little safety kit in your trunk. Here are some suggestions that might help you out this winter:

  • An extra pair of gloves
  • A shovel
  • A gallon of water
  • A bottle of windshield defroster
  • A roll of paper towels
  • A bag of salt

I would also like to add a blanket to this list. One time a friend of mine got stuck for a few hours in her car and luckily had a blanket with her. It REALLY helped out as she waited for the tow truck to arrive.

Do you have a safety kit in the trunk of your car for the winter? Do you know how to add air to your tires or change your own oil? Would love to hear what level of comfort you have with car maintenance.

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  1. I have almost all of those things in a tote in my vehicle, except I also keep a little down throw blanket (like a little larger than lap sized). I have the coolest shovel with a retractable handle. It’s small but super sturdy and I actually got to use once to help someone who got stuck last winter! LOL!

    My dad used to work on cars and build engines and all kinds of gearhead stuff for fun when I was growing up, so I know how to change my oil and all that good stuff. I take it to the 10 minute oil change, but I know how if I would ever have to. It’s really good to know some of what goes on under the hood because that’s how garages/repair shops take advantage of those who don’t have a clue about the mechanics of things. It’s sort of the same with computer repairs – the techs are hoping people don’t know much because they can make a nice little profit off of the simplest thing… Sorry. I’m off my soapbox now. LOL!

  2. P.S. I really hope Kyle reads this so she can share what Seba keeps in his trunk. He’s my hero. ROFLMAO!

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