Fashion Hauling: KMART Fashion

When you think KMART does fashion immediately come to mind? It most certainly wasn’t on top of my list… until ‘Getting Gorgeous’ late last year. I saw such amazing designs on their mannequins that I kept questioning what booth I was standing in. I was asked to do a review of some of their favorite pieces and promised my third child to whoever sent me this military jacket. OH MY WORD – it is insane!  Here’s my Fashion Hauling video:

And here’s the original video from our event so you can see all the other great styles KMART is selling this season:

Has this changed your mind about KMART?

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  1. I love that jacket. LOVE. I bought the boots I saw at your event. (And another pair, FYI 🙂 And I get compliments EVERY SINGLE TIME I wear them. In fact, I went into a super high end shoe store and the owner complimented them. It was awesome! I may just go try on the jacket this weekend.

  2. Vera, you look FAB in the military peplum coat and jeans!! I know you’ll rock them in style. Thanks much.

    And….@Wendy: So great to see you here too. That is the coolest thing I’ve read lately about our fashion apparel re: your experience at a super high end store! Hope the coat worked out for you too!


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