I wish I had a doll that had the same clothes as me when I was child. I mean… HOW COOL IS THAT? I am seriously considering buying the Christmas outfit for Natalie and her new ‘Dollie & Me‘ (who she named Lauren).

If you are in the market for a realistic doll and are hoping to not break the bank, consider this brand! These 18 inch dolls will run you anywhere between $24-$34. That’s almost HALF what their competitors are asking for. Talk about a bargain.

Naturally, the SECOND we got the ‘Dollie & Me’ box open Natalie took all of Lauren’s clothes off. Does your daughter do this? I mean it’s INSTANT.

(a very serious Natalie)

Here’s the kicker – the matching outfits. Natalie LOST IT when I showed her the clothing. She squealed and immediately changed. You have to check out the catalog – there are so many options to choose from!

Do you have a ‘Dollie & Me’ doll?

* company sent sample for review

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