I’m a Post-it Junkie! My desk is usually covered with a thousand little sticky notes! People think I’m nuts, but my system works for me! Several years ago I graduated from the plain old yellow post its to bright colors!! That was a big deal! I could color co-ordinate my post-its!

Imagine my excitement when I saw the new line of Post-it POPTIMISTIC Collection! Launched in conjunction with the 30th Anniversary of the Post-it Note!!! Post-its are brilliant invention in my opinion! Such great colors and prints and so many different products that I can use in my office, purse, on the refrigerator, just about anywhere! So many fun products to choose from…including super sticky printed notes, cute pop-up dispensers, personal journals, page markers, personal calendars, planners and more.

I make lists…lots of lists….my grocery lists build up on the fridge and then I tear it off and run to the store. I’ve been using the Post-it Super Sticky Printed Note Pads with a magnet attached to the back so my list is always ready to go! Makes my crazy days a little easier!

How cute is this Post-it dispenser? I can just see it sitting on my desk!

Are you a crafter/scrapbooker? Post-it now has a line of craft paper!! The entire page has a sticky back and can be used with your cricut™ machine! Cut out any shape and just stick! My daughter and I have been having fun making birthday cards with the craft paper! She cuts out flowers, trees, hearts, whatever and just sticks…no glue, no mess! Thank you Post-it! Mommy appreciates anything that is “less-mess.”

Chasey made a card for her teacher who she just absolutely adores! I’m so thankful for great teachers!

Post-it Craft paper is available at Jo-Ann Fabrics & Crafts and also online here.

*company sent sample for review

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