BooginHead gives us a few very simple products that will make your every day life with children a whole lot easier. BooginHead’s PaciGrip, SippiGrip offer a huge amount of convenience in some rather tiny packages. As the mother of 4 I am no stranger to toting drinks and pacis with us when we go out and I’m no stranger to picking them both up off the floor over and over at home too. These two products keep the pacifiers and the drinks where they should be, off the ground, and make sure you don’t loose them while being ever so cute as well. Both are straps that will attach the paci or cup to your child, stroller or highchair and keep them put. No more loosing that one paci you had with you at the worst possible moment or chasing that drink bottle as it rolls across the restaurant floor for the tenth time while your child laughs and plots the next toss. BooginHead straps attach easily to your favorite pacifiers, cups and even toys to help keep them attached, clean and safely with you on any outing.

The SippiGrip is available in 12 patterns, is washable and non-toxic and is adjustable in length. It can be attached to your stroller, highchair, car seat, baby carrier, diaper bag, you name it. The PaciGrip is available in 9 colors that match the SippiGrips is also washable and durable, but offers a clip that strongly holds to, but won’t damage clothes and will attach to all types of pacifiers. I’ve tested these out with my children and they are great. We’ve been through countless pacifier holders for my paci obsessed and this is by far my favorite. It stays put and is holding up really well. It still looks new despite his fervent abuse and use. Others have lasted 1 use with my son, some have made it a few weeks, but looked like they should be put out of their misery long before they eventually gave up. The BooginHead PaciGrip is still going strong and looks great after many weeks of use. It’s sturdy, super easy to use and looks great too. The same goes for the SipiGrip– easy to use, looks great and holds up well under daily conditions. We love them both. The SippiGripp has a no-slip material lining the gripping end that really holds it in place on the cup, no matter what the shape. I’ve had several straps that will only work on certain cups or fall off as soon as the cup turns upside down, but the SippiGrip stays put. Also nice is that the other end easily attaches anywhere and is also easy to remove or reattach even with the cup still in place. Very nice when you’re going from stroller to highchair and back again.

The SplatMat is another great product from BooginHead, a 48″ round waterproof mat (now upgraded to 52″ since receiving mine) to protect your floor from spills at meal time, but it has other uses as well- art projects, picnics, an extra large changing spot for the park. It’s folds up quite small, so can be carried in your diaper bag, is Phthalate and BPA free, easy to clean- just wipes down- and covers more surface area than a square mat, perfect for a squirmy baby or a messy toddlers early meals. We’ve used it for living room picnics, crayon and marker projects and out on the grass for a dry spot to sit and it’s been fabulous. Available in 3 patterns, this is something you’ll always be glad to have around. You might even want more than one.

Two brand new products have just been introduced that are just as helpful. The PaciPouch, a cute little purse like container for pacis and a while lot more and the PaciBed, a clever way to keep pacifiers handy throughout the night. Please visit the BooginHead site for more information on these super handy products.

*BooginHead supplied samples for review

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