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I finally got around to flipping through my InStyle and saw an interview that Fergie did about keeping her hair healthy. Each night she soaks her hair with Moroccanoil

“Every night after a show I take out my extensions, soak my hair in Moroccanoil, and put it in a bun on the top of my head. Then I give it a good shampoo when I get up in the morning.

I have Moroccanoil and it’s expensive! If you don’t want to use such a high-end product consider doing this routine with olive oil.

Does keeping the oil in your hair all night seem unappealing to you? How about wrapping your head with a plastic bag and keeping it on for about an hour? You will still see benefit from the soak.

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  1. I use moroccan oil after every wash (every two days) before i blow dry as part of my styling routine and i really love the effects! I have never used it overnight before and i’m curious, is it really worth it? Has anyone else used it in this way and can you tell me what you think? Love the blog 🙂

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