Relax: Yeah I’m About To Steal This Sign

LOVE this sign.  NEED THIS SIGN.

It’s just one of many you will find walking around the Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls. I’m having a wonderful time so far in Hocking Hills but my arrival has been one big test after the other.

My foundations opened up during flight and spilled all over 3 pairs of shoes that CANNOT be cleaned. My rainboots are fine on the outside… but INSIDE is a whole different story. My suede black boots – DONE. And my sneakers are…well I don’t really care about my sneakers if I’m being honest with you.

When I saw this sign though it made me smile a bit. Relax – it’s not the end of the world right? If I look at it in a positive way… it means I get to go shopping for a new pair of black knee highs, right?! :)

Last night we were walked through a beer and wine tasting event. The owner of RockMill Brewery was kind enough to teach us a bit about his beer line and I kept thinking about my husband. He is a BEER FREAK! I am going to see if I can bring one of his bottles home with me on the plane. Not sure if that is legal or not!

I even had a sip in honor of Bill.

The night ended with a blackberry cobbler I would now officially kill for. I mean OUT OF CONTROL. Right now I’m heading down to breakfast and cannot wait to see what they cooked for us.

Until tomorrow!!


  1. Shelly

    My husband took me to the Inn at Cedar Falls for our anniversary this year! It was so peaceful and the food at the restaurant is AMAZING!!! Glad you’re enjoying your time!

  2. i am so, so SO sorry about your boots! that totally stinks!

    but i’m glad you get a chance to relax and unwind. and eat insane blackberry cobbler! YUM!

  3. Sherry

    Oh the food (and that cobbler!) looks divine. I hope you have a relaxing and wonderful time there!

    So sorry about your boots! That totally sucks. But, it could’ve been so much worse had it been your entire suitcase of clothes, etc. I always double bag my makeup just in case, because I totally have “that kind” of luck.

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  5. Yum, that beer looks good! That stinks about your shoes from the foundations…ugh. That’s why I always put things in zip locs!

  6. Sandra

    im crying over here for your boots!!! but you know what there are way more important things in life!!

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  8. lizzys

    sorry about your mishap…….but the rest of the trip looks amazing!!!!……..have fun……can’t wsit to see what you had for breakfast!!

  9. Veronica

    Oh No! Burberry boots a la foundation?

    Well, Im sure you cheered up when that cobbler came to you a la mode! It’s too early for me to be craving dinner, but…. that seafood sauce looks outstanding. I guess its off to Red Lobster to get my fix!

  10. erin

    I would like that sign too!!!! Can we buy it? It looks like a marvelous getaway you’ve got yourself there…..enjoy and bring home some brochures…. :)

  11. Amy Weirick

    Oh girl! I wish I’d known about the boots. Would have made you go with us to Rocky Boots in Nelsonville & snagged you a new pair on the cheap. What size are you?

  12. Thanks for a great look into your visit to Ohio’s Hocking Hills! We’ve got great places to “relax” all over the Buckeye State. You’ll also find great places to eat, play, learn, shop, cook, paint… We look forward to hearing about more of your visits!

  13. Mary Rose Simpkins

    With all that good food about, I’m sure you soon forget your mishap with the foundation and the boots!!


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