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When Nature Stops You In Your Tracks: Old Man’s Cave In Hocking Hills

As some of you know I’m currently in Hocking Hills Ohio with a few bloggers learning about what the area has to offer. Yesterday’s arrival was a little rough for me. I left my house at 7AM and got here at 4:30 due to lay overs and a missing flight crew (don’t ask).

When I landed I was greeted by my group and we were immediately whisked away to Old Man’s Cave which is part of Hocking Hills State Park. Admission was free and from the parking lot it really doesn’t look like there was much going one. Boy was I wrong.

The full story about how nature carved this little wonder is here

I’m from Queens – Astoria no less. This just didn’t exist in my life. For people who are from more rural areas, I’m sure these pictures are common views. But for me – someone who didn’t even have a patch of grass to run on until I was 30 – the cave practically immobilized me. It was quite literally one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.

Here I am frazzled from the travel (which should have taken 1.5 hours mind you) and manic (because… well, that’s just who I am) completely frozen in time. I scanned the cave a dozen times finding new areas of interest over and over again.

(these last few pictures are from online resources – I didn’t take them)

There are five main sections within Old Man’s Cave: Upper Falls, Upper Gorge, Middle Falls, Lower Falls and Lower Gorge.  If you are a hiker THIS is the place to visit. Talk about a view to write home about! To learn more about Old Man’s Cave – click here to visit the Hocking Hills tourism website.

Have you ever visited something like this before?

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  1. It looks beautiful!! Let me know how it is – have fun!

  2. my friend just went hiking this week and i regret not going before the winter time! The pictures look beautiful =)

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  4. america the beautiful!!!!!!!

  5. What a beautiful part of the world we get to see thru your eyes. God bless America Thanks Vera for sharing.

  6. My father always said that when god was creating the world we live in, god was trying to distribute beauty between the different parts of the world. He gave nice beaches to on country, nice mountains to an other and so forth. With that reasoning when he was creating the united states he must have been in a hurry cause he opened his bag of goodies and dropped everything that he had.
    simply beautiful

  7. Wow! Look at the foliage! It looks amazing. Probably would made an ideal place for a spooky Halloween walk!

    …And that waterfall!

  8. WOW! Beautiful !!! I totally wanna go !! our country is AMERica the beautiful!!
    Nature knew what she was doing… !!

  9. looks great! Nature is so healing/reviving, isnt it?

  10. These are great pics…I’ve been seeing alot more of our country lately and it is a wonderful experience…thanks for sharing this..

  11. Mary Rose Simpkins : November 8, 2010 at 1:19 pm

    Wonderful photos and looks very peaceful. just the place to recharge and start living all over again.

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