Tone wants to help you achieve a spa-like glow at a reasonable price. They’ve created the new Daily Detox Purifying Body Wash with White Clay and Pink Jasmine. Tone has also launched it in a special edition breast cancer awareness bottle, with the proceeds going to benefit the Breast Cancer Network of Strength. The special bottle also provides detailed directions for an in-shower breast exam. So often we only focus on breast cancer awareness during October, so it’s nice to see it extend past the “designated month”.

I have to admit that I normally stick with fruity smells or vanilla type fragrances in my body washes, but Tone has converted me! It felt great and smelled so good; this Jasmine scent is really great!

Daily Detox’s benefits:

  • Exfoliates, removing dull dry skin
  • White clay formula helps wash away impurities
  • Light scent of jasmine
  • Cream-based formula rinses clean and is mild enough for everyday use

The Daily Detox wash is available for only $3.99 for an 18-ounce bottle!

*company sent sample for review

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