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Is Your Stomach Sensitive?

You aren’t going to believe what happened to me this morning! Let me start off by saying that I have a VERY sensitive stomach. My husband makes fun of me because I can’t really drink tea or take vitamins unless I have food in it. Well, this morning I wasn’t thinking when my son brought me a Flintstones vitamin. I take one every morning with the kids to show them that it’s part of our lives as well.

I was in the middle of searching for something and I just popped it in my mouth even though I didn’t have breakfast yet and within 3 minutes I was throwing UP in the sink. I mean – is that CR-AZY?  It’s not like this issue interferes with my life. I just know what I can and cannot do. This morning I forgot because I have a lot of issues going on with one of my other sites and my body just completely rejected the vitamin.

Bill thinks I should go see a doctor but I wanted to find out from all of you if you get the same sensation on an empty stomach?

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  1. I absolutely get the same if I take a vitamin on an empty stomach. I also get it if I drink a lot of water on an empty stomach too. I’m pregnant at the moment and without thinking I took a pre-natal vitamin before breakfast and, yeah, that didn’t stay down. Horrendous. I think it’s quite a common thing though with vitamins!

  2. I don’t have the same problem, and it is crazy that I don’t because I have every gastro prob under the sun and am on rx for it.

  3. It’s funny because i remember my mom giving my sister and I these same vitamins….we would fight over who would get “Wilma” because she was red lol Well, my husband and I take a multi vitamin every morning with breakfast. I can remember taking it on an empty stomach and then feeling so nauseous. I don’t think you need a doctor to tell you not to take vitamins on an empty stomach 🙂

  4. ya im like u, see its about the iron in that vitamin. iron is heavy on the stomach n is recommended to be taken in the middle of your biggest meal. dnt worry theres no need for a dr, its just that your stomach has a normal reaction to iron! good thing u dnt have to take iron pills like me, i stay nauseated all day long! if you want a better consumption method, get a liquid vitamin supp n dilute it with your orange juice! works best

  5. You’re not alone! Vitamins, especially with Iron, make me sick as well. I take them at night before I go to bed and it seems to help.

  6. I don’t even take vitamins any more because they make me so sick. The gummy ones seem to help a little bit.

  7. Hey Girl, It’s the ZINC and IRON will also do it. Just make sure to have food first next time. Sorry this happened. That sucks. It’s happened to me before too.

  8. I can’t take vitamins on an empty stomach. I have to take special ones that are bioavailable or some weird term like that – they’re the only ones that haven’t made me sick. I have to take them at night before I go to bed, so I don’t notice if they make me nauseous, and I have to make sure I have enough in my stomach. It’s so annoying.

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