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My Friends Melissa And Beth Were On ABC Talking About Fighting In Front Of Children

Holy smokes!! I am so proud of Beth Feldman and Melissa Chapman! These two wonderful ladies were on ABC talking about the realities of parenting and fighting in front of children. Melissa and I are traveling buddies – we both went to Ohio together and have 2 more trips coming up this December (will talk about those soon enough).

Take a look at the video and sound off about this touchy topic. Do you fight in front of your children?

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  1. At least Beth and I weren’t fighting with each other… MEOW!

  2. Classymommy and selfishmommy have both been featured on that new show The Talk.

  3. How awesome are you guys!? Love it. Thanks for posting, Vera!

  4. Oh my gosh, I love the Dr. Phil voice lol

  5. I loved the Dr. Phil voice too. On a fashion note, I wonder what brand of boots Beth is wearing? Very nice.

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