Last Christmas a relative said she bought my two kids a pillow pet. They were leaping up and down and my cousin promised that she would send them our way as soon as they were delivered.

11 months later I got tired of hearing my kids BEG for their present. I don’t know what happened, but the Pillow Pets never came and I just kept waiting and waiting for them to arrive.

Over the weekend, Bill and I went to the mall and came across the Pillow Pets stand and my kids erupted. BEGGING – PLEADING – PROMISING. So we caved and purchased the unicorn and the dog. They each grabbed one and held on until their knuckles turned white.

Well… as we were walking you had to see the way the kids were responding to them. We were like The Beatles!! Kids were running up to us and screaming at their parents – ‘MOM! MOOOOMMMMM! I WANT A PILLOW PET’.

It was scary. I mean EVERY single child became manic. Talk about advertising working its magic! When we came home my daughter fell fast asleep with her UNI. She was so sweet. She FINALLY got her Christmas Present from last year! LOL

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