Now this is going to be fun!! I’ve just been invited to participate in a Hillshire Farm competition. I will go head-to-head against 14 other bloggers in a few weeks. What’s the challenge? Creating the MOST WANTED SANDWICH!

I can add as many toppings as I want but I have to use one of the following meats:

  • Sandwich A: Hillshire Farm Deli Select Premium Hearty Slices available in Virginia Brand Baked Ham, Oven Roasted Turkey Breast and Signature Honey Ham
  • Sandwich B: Hillshire Farm Deli Select® Ultra Thin Lower Sodium Pre-packaged Lunchmeat available in Oven Roasted Turkey Breast, Honey Ham, Honey Turkey and Smoked Ham

Any advice? If I win they will give  me $5,000 and then an additional $5,000 to donate to my favorite charity!! I would really love to contribute to the Boys And Girls Club because I have such an affection for their message and for the men and women that run the company.

So, let’s discuss. What toppings do you like to use? What sandwiches have you seen at restaurants that you fell in love with? Pass this onto your friends and ask them to comment — the more the merrier!! EEK!!!

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