Game night is slowly approaching. My cousins and I get together every few weeks and spend the entire night playing board games. It’s SO MUCH FUN! Last year, we all fell in love with the show ‘Spartacus’ and it has changed our relationship forever. It’s actually hilarious!! We can’t do ANYTHING without referencing the show.

For the last week or so we’ve been on Facebook finalizing our plans and NATURALLY a Gladiator reference came up.

Well, that’s all it took. The message is much longer than this – but I’ll just give you a taste of how we speak to one another.

This is EVERY CONVERSATION WE HAVE. I mean even if it’s planning a movie date – it has to be in Gladiator speak. And this has been going on for over a YEAR. It’s not dying down. I don’t want it to because I think it’s hilarious.

I was supposed to have a Halloween party this year completely themed around Spartacus, but I don’t remember what happened and I couldn’t pull it together.

Now, let’s talk about the spoon. During one of our game nights, Xavier picked up a wooden spoon and pretended it was a sword and that he was in battle. We aren’t 5 I swear. Well, he never put the spoon DOWN for the entire night. We were playing charades and he would be holding onto the spoon. We were crying that’s how hard we were laughing.  Ever since that night – X brings a wooden spoon.

I might be the only one that finds this really funny – maybe it’s because I’m actually in the middle of it all – but I can’t WAIT for this weekend!! :0)

Does your family get together for game night?

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