Yes – you read that title correctly. For my birthday, I told my husband I wanted a Nook Color. My anniversary – which is 7 days after my birthday- was coming up fast and I couldn’t think of anything I wanted so I told him to forget getting me a present this year. I have three press trips coming up and Bill is going to join me on one to San Diego in a few weeks. I told him THAT would be my anniversary present since we have to pay for his ticket.

He agreed and life went on.

However, when my anniversary rolled around the boy whipped out a pair of diamond earrings.  A few years ago I mentioned to him that I wish I had studs to wear and he thought this would be the year to get them for me.

I took one look at them and told him to return them immediately. I am so not into jewelry. I don’t NEED real diamonds – not one of those girls. Would much rather get a pair of CZs and go on vacation!! Bill was SHOCKED that I didn’t want them, but I can’t justify spending 4 figures on a piece of jewelry. I mean that is FREAKING INSANE!!! And it’s not even our 25th anniversary or something – it was just 9 years.

Am I crazy? Do you think it’s worth it to spend all that money on diamond studs when the fake stuff looks just as good as the real stuff? Would you rather a piece of jewelry or a vacation?

I also want to mention that I am allergic to earrings. I can’t wear them – I’ve tried every variation of gold and platinum. Puss is involved – it’s gross. (Sorry for being so visual – but I want you to know the full story). So even if I kept the earrings I would hardly ever wear them because of my allergy.

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