The Search for Santa Paws comes out today!!

This movie is a heartwarming prequel to last year’s “Santa Buddies.” The film reveals how the legendary friendship between Santa Claus and Santa Paws began.

My kids absolutely LOVE this movie! I got an early copy of “The Search for Santa Paws” and I am not exaggerating in the least when I say that we have watched it at least 10 times! No…I don’t let my kids sit in front of the TV all day, but every chance they get this is the movie they pick! The Search for Santa Paws is such a great movie! I’d say it’s “Annie – meets Milo & Otis  – meets Santa Claus!” A great feel good story about adorable orphan girls, a cute puppy and of course everyone’s favorite, Santa Claus!

The first time we watched it I let Chasey watch it by herself while I did some work on the computer. About 30 minutes later I look over at her and she has tears streaming down her cheeks! She was sobbing! I cuddled with her and we watched the rest of the movie together. I kept promising her that it would end happy! She was so sad for a part of the movie…a part that involved the puppy. You will have to watch it to know what I’m talking about! Since that first time watching it, we’ve watched it over and over. My 3 year old son loves it too! He’s one of those kids that wakes up at 5am daily…so movies are a mom’s best friend until daylight!

The Search for Santa Paws comes out today! This would be a great Holiday movie for you and your kids! Get it today and watch it as a family while everyones turkey settles in their stomach on Thanksgiving!

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*sample copy provided for review

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