Man I feel so behind! I’ve already started to receive Christmas cards! Who are these people and how do they have THIS much time? When I got the mail yesterday I almost fell on the floor. I hadn’t even TAKEN THE PICTURE YET! LOL

That’s ok – those cards reminded me that I had some work to do. Yesterday evening, I threw the kids in front of the tree and promised them hot chocolate if they made it as painless as possible, and they thankfully did. I got three good shots and then put their pajamas back on.

I also ordered address labels last night because I am not going to spend another year writing out my address 6,000 times in a row. I used to have a stamp with my old house address which was awesome – I’ve been meaning to get another one for this house. I’ve only lived in it for 4 years! 🙂

Slow worker… as always.

When do you start to send out your holiday cards? And how many do you end up sending? I usually send to both my kids’ school classes because they get a kick out of seeing their friends on our wall. But it ends up adding at least an extra 40 people to the mix. Cr-azy.

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