A few months ago I met sisters Liz Lange and Jane Wagman backstage at the Martha Stewart show. We chatted for a bit and exchanged business cards. These women are a true inspiration to me because they run several successful businesses and still ALWAYS manage to look so put together. Shopafrolic.com is a great tool for those women who wish they could tap directly into a fashion designer’s mind and get shopping tips and advice for each season.

The business model is simple – once a day both Liz and Jane talk about their favorite finds. There’s no affiliate links or hidden agendas. It’s just two women with a pure love for fashion chatting with those who share the same interest.

I have three business trips coming up over the next few weeks and I thought to go right to the fashion source to find out what I should pack for my getaways during these colder winter months. I sat down with Jane Wagman, co-founder of Shopafrolic.com, and begged for help! 🙂

1) – Everyone wants to look chic while traveling, but it’s important to stay comfortable. What key pieces should we all have in our closets for those last minute getaways?

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Layers, layers and more layers. A great cardigan is the key. I always have one whether I am going to Florida or Vail. Remember you can always take it off and show off your cute sexy tank underneath.

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I always pack tanks and flirty feminine tops with a neutral cardigan or 2 to rotate on top. 1 pair of jeans or skinny black pants that I can wear with flats or heels. This is not the time to pack the jeans that need boots AND the jeans that need heels AND the jeans that need flats. Just pick a look for the trip and create variations on the theme.

Trust me no one will notice as long as your key pieces are chic. And stick to neutral colors. It is harder to repeat that pink polka dot blouse than it is the sexy black ruffle neck tank.

One other trick of mine: traveling with a husband or boyfriend? Encourage him to bring an extra sweater (don’t tell him why) so you can borrow his sweater when you get cold. Big chunky knits are IN!

2) I always panic when I’m packing shoes. I end up taking 5 or 6 pairs! What tips do you have for consolidating in the shoe department?
My husband and I have a rule: We ALWAYS go carry on no matter the length of the trip (unless we are going skiing in which case we make an exception and check our bags). We have matching LL Bean Camo rolling bags and we each (daughter 7 and 10 as well) roll our own bag!


I know everyone has this shoe problem but I just don’t get it. You have to be a little tough on yourself. If going warm: Wear your sneakers (if you need them otherwise wear the flats), and pack 1 pair flip flops, 1 pair flats and 1 pair of relatively comfy heels (I often opt for a wedge when I travel).

Going to cold weather? Wear your boots and pack: 1 pair flats and 1 pair heels.

Going to snow? Forget the heels and flats. Wear snow boots and pack the slightly nicer pair of boots (or not) BASTA! This trip does not have to be a fashion show. Do that when you are home.

3) How do you accessorize for winter trips? Do you wear less while you are away? Or bring along key pieces for each planned outfit you pack? Should jewelry be omitted while away from home?


Another thing I always bring – a scarf or travel wrap. Again it doesn’t matter where you are going it is always cold on the airplane so wear this. I definitely bring jewelry when I travel as to me that is the way to change up my outfits. Jewelry doesn’t weigh that much so this is the way to mix it up.

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Bring the huge green costume earrings as well as the gold. Pack a few large rings. It will make you feel complete. Nothing is worse than not feeling special when you are on a special vacation. NEVER pack it in your bag even if you are carrying on. You never know when they are going to make you gate check that bag. Keep it all with you. When you get to the hotel USE THE SAFE. I once left my jewels at home and my apartment got robbed while I was away! Hoisted on my own petard.

Get more advice from both Jane Wagman and Liz Lange at Shopafrolic.com!

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