I mentioned a few weeks ago that I joined a club in town. Well, yesterday was the first time I actually attended one of the events. It was supposed to be a Breakfast with Santa. Or maybe it was brunch? Either way, I got locked out of the event because it was full. The only slot available was the 4-8 dinner and I took what I could get.

At first I was upset about the later time because traditionally these events happen at breakfast, but then I realized that if we did go to the breakfast, I would have had to been responsible for dinner. And for the same price I was getting steak instead of eggs. Call me crazy, but dinner sounded like the better deal.

Two couples that Bill and I know also attended which made the event a blast. Love these ladies and our kids get along GREAT. So everyone had a really good time.

PS – this wooden cookie set I got Natalie was a HIT. When we got home we played with it for a good hour. Then in the morning, when Natalie woke up, she started to serve us cookies in bed. LOL!

I gave Liam a Velcro Pirate Ship. You can move the pieces all around and he seemed to enjoy it. I left at 730 to go to Chicago, so I can’t say how much he’s touched it since last night. I thought it was a cute toy. I’m all about buying the kids toys that don’t need batteries. They spend so much time on the computer and with video games, that whenever I can, I purchase things that require imagination. You know, that thing we all used to play with when we were younger…

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