Last week I told you that I got ‘The Brazilian Blowout‘. I was dying to give it a shot and thought that I might as well do it for the holidays. A few of you emailed asking me for an update. I wanted to wait to wash my hair to see what the results looked like before commenting, and let me tell you that I am pleasantly surprised!

Here’s a quick rundown:

  • They wash your hair 4 or 5 times in a row with a clarifying shampoo
  • You then get the solution placed on your hair  – small sections at a time.
  • Then… they flat iron your hair for like an HOUR. I’m talking an insane amount of time. I kept telling the girl… seriously? this long huh??? LOL!!!
  • After your hair is perfectly straight and you are ready to rock and roll ——- they RINSE out the solution
  • You cry because you know you are ruining a perfectly styled head of hair
  • Then she blows your hair straight.

I gagged when they told me I had to rinse my hair after she did it. I thought I was done. The first time I did Keratin I left after the flat ironing part, but the Brazilian Blowout is different.

I bought special shampoo and conditioner and was told to not flat iron my hair for two weeks.

I didn’t wash my hair that night but I was too curious to wait much longer. I waited just one more day and then washed my hair. I styled it with my blow dryer and HOLY HEY NOW that puppy works!  Look at the pic! That is without a flat iron! Just me and a round brush!!

I think that’s amazing!!

In about a month I will update you again and let you know if it’s still as easy to style.

I know some of you will want to know about the cost – the Brazilian blowout was about $275 for my amount of hair. The shampoo and conditioner was another $50 or so. It’s definitely pricey, but my hair feels GREAT and even though the company says the effects should last 3 months, my hair dresser said it’s more like 5. We shall see… 😉

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