Warning: This post is dedicated to those people who LOVE FOOD. This is really a group of gag gifts. I’m not suggesting you give the bacon earrings to your boss. It’s more for that friend that you know who is absolutely obsessed with bacon.

Here’s some really cute Foodie options for holiday gifts that are guaranteed a laugh:

Bacon Earrings – $4.99

Pancake earrings = $19.50

Certified Foodie Pin – $1.75

Donuts necklace charms (set of 6) – $27.90

Waffle Earrings – $14

Roasted Chicken (soap) – $8

Taco Earrings – $14

Matching Peanut Butter and Jelly Necklaces (great for friends!) $28

Glazed Donuts (soap) – $8

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