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VIDEO: Fashion Hauling At JCREW

I love love LOVE JCREW. An outlet just opened up right by my house and my husband begged me to go last night. Yes, my HUSBAND asked me to go shopping. Little did he know the damage I would do. You have to check out the coat I bought. It’s insane and was 65% OFF!

Are you a JCREW Fan?

PS the scarf is called a SNOOD.

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  1. J Crew is my all-time favorite store. Then I discovered Crew Cuts – their brand for kids and am in heaven just a tad difficult for the pricing for kids – sales are not as awesome as adults

  2. love the snood!!
    great haul!

  3. I WANT A SNOOD*!! I am such a scarf lover!

    *sounds like a name Dr. Seuss would have made up

    • Hahahahaha Fadra! it does sound like a Dr Seuss word, and that makes me love it even more! Snood snood snood…

  4. Awesome! Love all yr purchases! The snood is genius and wow, you snagged yr coat for a good price yay!

  5. i love the coat! but i’m still trying to wrap my brain around the idea of a guy who WANTS to go clothes shopping…! (shopping is a form of torture for my guy)

  6. http://www.kylehepp.com/2010/12/surviving-a-snow-storm-in-michigan/

    Not a fashion haul video. But a video of me in the identical coat that I bought at JCrew outfit two weeks ago.

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