Need To Increase Your Breast Size? Try Electric Stimulation (Thanks Japan!)

Ok, I confess. I don’t really believe that this product will work, but it’s sure funny to talk about! A company in Japan is claiming that women can increase their breast size by using electrical stimulation. The product is called ‘Top Charming‘ and the infomercial is … hilarious!

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Original source: Stylelite


  1. There is a tiny hint of truth to it – my husband (he’s in Chinese medicine) says that there is an acupuncture near your nipples and also in the middle of your shoulder blade which will ‘benefit the breast’

    Other than that, the commercial is actually in Chinese and I sadly would believe it because when I go back to Asia, I can never find a decent bra because 90% of them are super padded! Thanks for sharing – I needed a good laugh. My favorite part was when they said that the fat leaks from the breast down to the stomach area without proper stimulation.