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My Kids Love The Nature’s Child Nickelodeon Applesauce Squeezers!

I know I just wrote a post about my obsession with Granny Smith Applesauce, but this product is a bit different… so I’m running with it.

Oddly enough, Natalie does NOT like to eat applesauce in a bowl – not even if I put cinnamon on it! HOWEVER, she will take it in a squeezer. GO figure! Packaging really does matter.

The Nature’s Child Nickelodeon Dora Applesauce Squeezers are the perfect after school snack! It’s 100% fruit with no sugar added. Basically Nature’s Child purees organic fruit and then decorates the squeezer with one of their famous cartoon characters. Whatever works, right?

They are priced right too! For $3 you can snag a box of four.

Currently, there are two flavors available: Dora (Apple) and SpongeBob (Berry). I’m hoping they come out with a bit more variety over the next few months. For now, the kids are happy with their options.

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  1. My son is OBSESSED with them too!! We just got them yesterday and he’s eaten most of them!!!

  2. Where did you find these? My two year old would LOVE them! They’d also be a great goodie bag stuffer for her Dora party this weekend.

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