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Let’s Talk iTunes Playlists: Here’s My Morning Routine

A reader Hannah wanted to know what my iTunes Playlist was and I thought I could make a post out of it.

For 5 hours a day, I listen to this list on REPEAT / RANDOM. Two days ago, I deleted about 10 songs from it, so this is the newer / tighter version.

Im always up for new music — what are your favorite bands of the moment?

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  1. i love weezer! Glad im not alone

  2. we might have no songs in common, yet we love each other, imagine that! (oh wait i saw bob marley and bon jovi..okay…there’s 2 :))

  3. Yay! Thank you so, so much! I’m off to itunes to download them 🙂

  4. oh and I’m kinda surprised you’re not listening to john mayer since I think his songs would be right up your alley?

  5. Always U2….but I also love Kings of Leon and The Killers.

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