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Bought A One Piece Bathing Suit And It’s CUTE

The picture doesn’t really do it justice, but I am loving this new one piece / skirt I picked up from Target. It hides what I need to hide and still shows off my shape. I LOVE IT!

I showed Bill and asked him if he would be embarrassed if I wore it out with him and he said that he thought it was really cute on. So, there you go! Bathing suit shopping DONE!

Long gone are the days of the bikini, and this bathing suit is exactly what I need to get me through the summer. LOL!

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  1. It is super cute!

  2. Great find! And you can’t beat a Target price.

  3. I love that. I am thinking of going one piece. Except I don’t have kids so people might be wondering what I’m trying to hide, lol!

  4. Bikinis are long gone for me too unfortunately but that suit is definitely super cute!

  5. oooh I remember last year when you ordered some bathing suits (I think they were high waist ones, maybe?) and you ended up finding them horrible once they arrived 🙂 glad you found one you like!

  6. http://www.groovinmoms.com/?p=182
    this is so adorable….love a one piece and really love a little skirt

  7. love it. thanks for the tip! I love that it is strapless too…makes it look more fashionable!

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