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Reader Poll: How Many Pounds Does Your Weight Fluctuate?

I was chatting with some moms at the park yesterday and the overall thought was that most women can go up or down TEN pounds over a few days. I am most certainly one of those gals that can wake up being 2 or 3 pounds heavier than when I went to sleep.


Was curious to hear what your deal is — does your weight go up and down day by day and what range to do tend to vary between??

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  1. The only time my weight fluctuates by 2-4 lbs is if I am retaining water due to some kind of take out or restaurant meal, as they are usually over-salted. After 2 days it goes back to normal. 🙂

  2. My weight easily fluctuates between 2-4 lbs daily. Depending on what I ate, what I drank, the time of the month, of the day…

  3. I dont often weigh myself but I would guess up to 5lbs daily. Thats why I laugh at weight loss shows and they are jummping because they lost 2lbs in the week. Its so ridiculous.

  4. Yeah I can totally fluctuate between 4-7 pounds every couple of days, but i find that it often depends what time of day I weigh myself.

  5. Mine stays within a pound or two. I’ve always read to weigh yourself in the morning after you pee. It’s likely to be higher later in the day.

  6. http://www.groovinmoms.com/
    don’t own a scale….there is one at work in ladies room…..wonder if there is one in the men’s room

  7. I’d say 2kg. So 4 pounds or so.

  8. I fluctuate about 2 lbs day to day. I usually gain 5 lbs in the winter that comes off when the weather warms up in NY.

  9. my weight fluctuates 4lbs throughout the day.. lightest being the first weigh of the day – which of course is what i believe to be my real weight 😀

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