Style Trend: Wedges

This season wedges are make a huge comeback. I recently got my own pair (pictured above) from H&M but that hasn’t stopped me from looking at all the pretty ones online! If you’re looking for a good affordable pair then try checking out some of the affordable options below!

You can find these wedges at: Waned Shoes, Lulu’s, and Mod Cloth.

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  1. I haven’t bought ANYTHING for months, but this is how much of a zappos addict I am (was). I found an adorable pair of floral wedges…in their box, unworn…at the back of my closet. I couldn’t believe it. But, hey, now I have brand new shoes for Easter dinner.

    I have a bunch of shoes, and some boots, that I have NEVER worn. Does anyone else do this?

    1. I WISH I found some surprises in the back of my closet that wasn’t related to moth balls or clumps of dirt. Ha. Hope you had a great time wearing your new shoes for Easter! What a treat!

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