Style Trend: Going To Longer Lengths

Longer hem lengths are coming back in this Spring and Summer and I couldn’t be happier! This time I don’t have to worry every time the wind picks up. 😀 The skirt I’m wearing pictured above is from H&M and below are some great options for incorporating this trend into your wardrobe!

Pink Maxi Skirt, Adam Lippes Skirt, Pale Pink Pleated Skirt,

Asos Blue Pleated Skirt, Yellow Paperbag Skirt, Plain Chiffon Orange Skirt

Tip: To make sure you find a flattering silhouette double check that the hem doesn’t fall mid-calf unless the skirt sits at the waist. If you see frustrated with your first one or two attempts to find a longer skirt, don’t give up! Keep trying new lengths to see which looks best on you and don’t be shy to ask for the help of a sales associate!

Do you like the looks of a longer hem length?

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  1. I am so happy that longer hems are coming back in style. I hate how my knees and thighs look and have been having a hard time finding longer skirts.

    1. I have such a hard time too but hopefully this trend gets some more attention because then they’d start making a lot more! I also have plans to sew my own long skirts to fix the problem : )

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