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I Didn’t Realize I Was A Carb Addict… Until Now

Breakfast and lunch are no problem – seriously. I can get through either meal without even THINKING about a carb. It’s that DINNER that’s KILLING ME. Oh man. I was sitting there last night watching the kids eat their rice and I was practically convulsing. WHO KNEW I had such an addiction to carbs!

I’m not a chips person or a sweets person. All my weight gain is from DRINK. My Starbucks tea – which I am giving up for 17 days (someone kill me). Today is day 2 of ‘The 17 Day Diet’ and I feel like I should be on day 247. LOL.

So, let’s talk meal planning:

  • Breakfast I had a greek yogurt and a piece of fruit. Good enough
  • Lunch I had a pickle, sliced turkey and fat free cheese. I was happy.
  • Dinner I made chicken, broccoli, tomatos, onions and garlic cooked in a half cup of tomato sauce until it was almost all gone. I also roasted asparagus. I ate until I was full … but I wasn’t happy about it. I really wanted that rice!
  • Snacks – string cheese (fat free, another yogurt, fat free pudding with fat free cool whip)
  • drank water or green tea all day

ANNDDDD I lost 3 pounds in one day.

Now, I know that’s crazy and it probably has to do with water weight or salt intake or SOMETHING


I’m just going to continue the process for the next 2 weeks and see where I end up.

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  1. I almost never eat carbs (the starchy complex carbs anyway) and at first it was SOOOO hard. I LOVE LOVE rice and potatoes and crusty bread and all that, but I found that I loved dropping weight even more than eating those, so..yeah. LOL!

    Good luck! It’ll get easier!

    One of the best books I’ve read that did a great job of explaining the way our bodies process different foods and what happens with fat storage, belly fat, etc, was Dr. Oz’s “you on a diet”. I didn’t follow his plan but I learned a ton and put a lot of it into practice in my daily routine. šŸ™‚

  2. OH MY GOOOOOOOOD. I am on a no Starbucks diet too! I had no idea you were doing this!!!

    It’s been two weeks and I did slip up once. But hey, that’s pretty good because normally 14 days would equal approximately 13 drinks for me.

  3. Hi Vera- I’ve been reading you blog for years! After seeing your post on the diet book, I stopped by borders on my way home from work. I’m starting it on Monday, here’s to getting skinny!!!

  4. im like you, solution- get those multiseed rusks and have a couple with ur meal along with a glass of water. they somehow expand in ur tummy once taken with water n give u that full feeling you get from carbs like bread or rice.
    you can thank me later šŸ™‚ this really works!

  5. lol—I am a carb addict and know it. I had twins 7 months ago and am still eating like I am nursing them when I’m not!

    (TykeRider comment)

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