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Makeup Removal Tip Or How I Never Take My Mascara Off

Here comes a big confession. I wash my face twice a day … but NEVER take my eye makeup off. When I wake up in the morning, I sometimes end up having mascara on my nose (if it’s a restless night) but I am pretty much ready to hit the road at any given second. It also saves me time in front of the mirror each day.

I don’t have the 10 minutes I would need to get my eyes done every single day… so I reuse and recycle last night’s efforts.

What? Am I the only one?

I will never forget a few months ago when I went to the spa with my girlfriends and one of them asked me why I did my eye makeup at 7AM for breakfast. I actually didn’t. I just never took it off the day before. So, it’s like a lazy way to stay presentable. LOL!

But how does this work you ask? How does it all stay in place you want to know? It doesn’t. It smudges when I sleep sometimes and I use wipes like these wet cleaning towelettes from Ponds to redefine and wipe off any excess.


Even when I meet friends to play tennis at 8AM – I look like I am ready to hit the day running (meanwhile I woke up just a few minutes before).

Is it lazy? Yes. But call me what you want – it makes my life a little easier in the morning and isn’t that what we are all striving for?

So, you are asking – How can you wash your face twice a day and NOT get your eyes wet? I follow the spa way of soap removal. I lather up my face (avoiding the mascara) and then take a face towel and wipe everything off with cold water. I wipe off a cheek and then rinse. Wipe off a forehead and then rinse until all the soap is removed. Then I use toner , moisturizer etc. to get me out the door.

Fess up – do you wash off your eye makeup?

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  1. Like you I wash my face twice a day, but I always take my mascara off. I once heard that your lashes can break off if you don’t clean them before you go to bed (though yours look perfectly fine) and since I have these short, straight Asian lashes, I clean them every single night. Also, I have white bedsheets, I don’t wanna wake up looking at my own face smudged on my pillow 😛

  2. I wear waterproof mascara for this exact reason. Even if soap goes near my eyes it won’t wash off or smudge. However, kisskiss is right… your eyelashes will break off more if you are constantly wearing mascara and you don’t give them a breather every now and then 🙂

  3. ive most certainly HEARD about that – but I’ve been doing this since high school (and Im 34) and have never had an issue. My fur is strong Mediterranean fur. It has its own heart beat. LOL!

  4. I’m not a big make-up wearer, but a couple months ago started wearing mascara with the intention of taking it off nightly. Then I kind of got out of the habit. I have heard that not taking it off makes your lashes brittle. Guess that hasn’t helped. I had a dream a few nights ago that I woke up one morning and half my lashes had fallen out and my eyebrows had thinned considerable! LOL

  5. I take my eye makeup off every night.
    I have a before I go to bed routine that is followed no matter what time of night ( or morning) I come home. I remove my eye makeup and then brush my teeth and jump in the shower, wash my face and shower. Then off to bed. Wakeup in the morning & first thing I do is stumble into to bathroom to brush my teeth. I can deviate from everything else in my life but these two routines.

  6. I’m with Annie. I wear waterproof mascara and liner for this reason. You can be extra lazy and not even think about water hitting your eyes. I’ve been leaving my mascara on at night for 10+ years, never had a problem. Though now I feel like I jinxed myself.

  7. I also wash my face daily and i like to keep my eye makeup on. I dont consider it lazy, i like to think of it as a time saver. I have two kids amd dont always have the time to apply all my makeup everyday 🙂

  8. This sounds ridiculous but I hate the idea of being seen without makeup. I know all about “love the real you , inner beauty is more important” but I can’t help it. I move in with my boyfriend soon who’s never seen me without makeup. I’m so tempted to do this but don’t want my eyelashes to suffer.

  9. Well, you should really wash your make-up off before bed,I have only slept in mascara twice by accident (Clear mascara). But, if you don’t wash your make-up off here are some possibilities…

    Dry/itchy eyes, hard eyelashes, bad skin, itchy skin, rough skin, your eyelashes COULD break off. They are more but these are the main ones.
    Don’t worry about 2 or 3 eyelashes coming off a day. Every 1 or 2 weeks you grow at least 4 new eyelashes on each set (and eye).
    I hope this helped x

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