Tone’s new Vino Moisture Body Wash provides you with a luxurious bath for your skin. Made with Crushed Grapes, Shea Butter and Vitamin E, its smells delicious. I gave it a whirl and liked it so much, its earned a spot in the real estate of my tiny New York bathroom.

For starters, it actually is very silky and soft on the skin. I used it with a bath puff and it created fun suds but my skin felt so smooth while washing with it, unlike those other high-suds body washes, that tend to dry out the skin. I thought maybe it was me, expecting it to be awesome because its new, so I took all my other body washes out of the bathroom and left only this one so my boyfriend had no choice but to use it. After his shower, he, who is the most un-metrosexual guy I’ve ever met, was commenting on how luxurious it felt going on. His words: “Its different. Its just….it’s softer. And it smells so good.”

Its also affordable. At just $4, you can enjoy your shower a bit more. Look out for it at your Walmart and at other drugstores.

Company sent product for review.

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