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Do Your Kids Like Puzzles? Then Check Out This Cookie Cutter

LOVE THIS! I do puzzles with Liam every single day of the week. Imagine if I went to him with a few of these puppies? I think he would implode.

These Jigsaw Cookie Cutters are actually available in the UK and will run about $3. Too bad there isn’t a US alternative! I’m on a hunt to find one!!!!

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  1. My son loves puzzles too…what a cute cookie cutter! I found puzzle shaped sandwich cutters on Spoon Sisters
    (http://www.spoonsisters.com/product/67401.html) that I bought for him. I think I’ll pull them out and try using them for cookies now. Thanks for the idea!

  2. You can get plastic ones on etsy. If you want something and it isn’t on etsy, it doesn’t exist. 😛

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