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A Great Idea For Your Muffin Pan – Turn It Upside Down To Make Cookie Bowls!


Flip your muffin tins around and use the bottom of the pans to make cookie bowls. Perfect to fill with ice cream for the summer, don’t you think?

There is a recipe from Wilton here, but I was thinking to use the pre-made cookie dough you can get from the refrigerated section of the supermarket.

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  1. Now that is freakin’ awesome. I wonder if it works as easy as the picture looks, though. There are just so many yummy treats you could create with those! I would fill it with melted cream cheese that was mixed with chocolate chips and then top it with strawberries or something fun. (sort of a spin on Pampered Chef’s dessert cookie thingys). 🙂

  2. love this idea!…..oatmeal bowl filled with fruit!

  3. Absolutely genuis! Fill with a scoop of ice-cream and what a great summer treat!

  4. No WAY!!!!!

    I was seriously at Wal-Mart (Boo anti-human rights / exploitive mega corp) (Yeah cheap and unnecessary household items!!!) looking at one of those teeny tiny muffin tins thinking about how I can make tarts and stuff when its berry season for next year…

    That is unreal. You can make some pie pastry or proper tart pastry and then since that dough only contracts and doesn’t melt all over, you will have delightful little cups to fill!

    Whose birthday is Next? Sandra’s??? Ohhhhh I feel a project coming on!!!!!!

    Thanks for making my life messier!! xoxox

  5. we are a manufacturers,production bakeware for example mini pan, muffin pan,round pan.and so on…

  6. omg i have a class party for valentines day and i am gonna make these put a icecream scoop fill it with icing and put a hershys kiss on top my mom made these for my class in kindergarden i thought that they were so cute can’t wait till friday

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