Coffee And Tea Lovers: You’ll Thank Me Later (And For The Rest Of My Life)

Don’t you hate it when you pour yourself a cup of coffee… and then life happens. You know, the kids wake up. The phone rings. The hot UPS guy comes to your door and you have to spruce yourself up before you open it.

Man – life sometimes throws you curveballs.

And who suffers? That poor cup of coffee that just really wanted to be hot for you. Instead, it became a vomit inducing luke warm and you are either nuking it or pouring yourself a new one.


The coffee joulies will keep your mug piping hot (140 degrees) for UP TO 5 HOURS! So bring it on life!!! Because I am SO going to be ready.


  1. Deb J

    Has anyone actually tried these? I know they are quite pricey, but I might consider spending the money if they really work.

  2. AngieFranks

    @Jules.. but would you really be tilting a mug full of piping hot liquid towards your face at 100mph? no. think about it… you tilt it slowly and sip..

  3. Stacey

    I usually ask my Starbucks barista to cool my latte down to 130° which is much much cooler than your average cup of Joe. 140° really isn’t very hot at all. Fresh coffee is much hotter