Clever Idea For Your Linen Closet

Look at this genius! I always love neat ideas like this – and storing my sheets in their pillowcase has officially made my top ten list for amazing storage tips. If I showed you my linen closet, you would feel bad for me. No, really.

This seems like it’s going to clear a few rows up and HOW EASY will it be to get a full set out now? Love it!

Do you have any sheet storage tips?

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  1. I will definitely use that! For some reason I always forget how to fold pillowcases, so they all look different.

  2. I saw that tip on one of Martha Stewart’s shows. I store my sheets in the pillow case, but they do not look like your picture! Mine are more like a weird shaped ball. It keeps it all together which is half the battle.

  3. This is genius! I was just looking in my linen closet today and feeling very sorry for myself (along with WAY disorganized.) Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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