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Moo! MiniCards Are All The Rage: Get Yours Today


I’m always running out of business cards. I’m also always adding new URLs to my work load. So, updates are a constant necessity! 🙂 I recently received a Klout Perk to check out Moo Cards and was able to get 100 cards. All I had to do was pay shipping – so I thought, WHY NOT?


Well, I got them yesterday and I love them! I titled myself “Lifestyle Blogger” because if I wrote “Fashion, Food, Family, Travel, Personal ETC ETC ETC” I wouldn’t be able to fit anything else. I figured “Lifestyle” sums it all up. At least I hope it does.

Each set comes with 4 different designs. Click here to check them out.

Bill is in the city today at the ‘Time to Play’ expo and he took the whole box. I hope he hands them out to every vendor in the hall!! 🙂 Fingers crossed.

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  1. How on earth did you fit all of your URLs on there? ROFLMAO! I always giggle when I see your email signature. I’m convinced you are a vampire and don’t sleep.

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