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Clear Your Counter Space! The CoffeeStack Stores Your K Cups In Cabinets

How freaking amazing is this? I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Keurig… but I love a clean counter more. I JUST found out about the CoffeeStack and am ordering one ASAP. Now you can store all your K cup pods in your cabinet clearing up your kitchen counter space.

From the manufacturer: CoffeeStack measures just over 5 inches wide and fits in all standard kitchen cabinets.  Four drawers hold a total of 40 K-Cups, making CoffeeStack the highest-capacity K-Cup organizer of its size on the market.

What a great gift for a coffee lover!!!

Click here to learn more.

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    1. Ive had two of them and they are both great. When we bough the new one, we gave our old one to my in-laws. I think anyone is fine. 🙂

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