gets in on the ghoulish fun this Halloween with the launch of four all-new online games featuring SpongeBob SquarePants and the Bikini Bottom gang. Every week, a new game will be featured on the site.

SpongeBob has been turned into a ghost by the Flying Dutchman. Now he’s got to scare his way through Bikini Bottom and make his way back up to the Flying Dutchman’s ship. Players will have to bounce from higher and higher to keep their momentum and reach new heights.

The Bikini Bottom anchovies have mysteriously turned into Zombies! Playing as SpongeBob, it’s your job to rescue all your Bikini Bottom friends bring them to safety.

SpongeBob is being chased by the ghost crew of a visiting ghost pirate captain. The Captain Ghost pirate is after SpongeBob and wants to make him a permanent part of his ghostly crew. Meanwhile, the Flying Dutchman has some unfinished issues to resolve with this visiting crew – they stole his gold doubloons hundreds of years ago and he’s on a rampage. Players must save SpongeBob and help return the stolen treasures.

  • Fang In There:

On All Hallows’ Eve, Patrick turns into a vampire and is after SpongeBob! In this action game, players must run away from the vampire and avoid all traps to make it to safety.

Petpet Park is also getting in on the October fun … check it out, if you dare!

Players can visit eight different treat stations around the Park, where they can receive a daily Halloween treat. And for the first time ever in the Park, players who complete the Halloween-themed quests will unlock a special trick.  Additionally, to celebrate Petpet Park’s more than 10 million registered users, players will receive a commemorative sign to display in their home or garden.

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