Watch Me And My LOSING TEAM On ‘Cash Cab’ (VIDEO)

Man – watching this video was actually more painful than losing the first time around. That’s ok!! My charity of choice – Boys and Girls Club of America – still walked away with an extra $1K thanks to Nissan and their ‘Taxi of Tomorrow’ initiative.

Brace yourself folks… this is one embarrassing ride.

Hugs to my partners – Melissa from ‘Married My Sugar Daddy‘ and Jeff from ‘Just Another Manic Mommy‘.

Thanks to Ben Bailey, host of Discovery’s Cash Cab, for not kicking us off the stage… :)


  1. LOL! Love it. And can I just say you are like so crazy photogenic? It’s insane!

    (“it was $6.00 in 1999 maybe!”) Soo funny.

    The host totally reminds me of Jim Cantore from the Weather Channel. There’s just something about him.

  2. Elpida

    You guys are adorable! You really didn’t do so badly! I too was confused about the NYC/JFK/LGA cab question….he said it too quickly. Love it.