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Today Is My Birthday! This Cowgirl Just Turned 34

Check it out! Me at 4 years old. Yup – I grew up on a small farm in Texas so my mother decided to put a little fringe on me for my class pictures. ORRRRRRRRR I lived in NYC… my whole entire life. I’m so confused about the whole thing – but I guess it was the 80s!! Everything went back then, right?

Anyway, it’s the only shot I have of myself as a baby. I gave it to Bill a LONG time ago when we first started dating. Can’t believe 30 years have passed since taking it.

Time flies when you are on anti-anxiety pills. Wait… that’s not how that saying goes.

Anyway – I’m off shooting a CVS video this morning! I’ll be gone a few hours and you better believe I’m dry heaving in a corner due to my nervous stomach. FILMING DAYS MAKE ME QUEASY! I hope everything turns out alright.

Will post more when I get home. 🙂

OH AND PS – it’s my husband’s birthday too. How crazy is that?!!!

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  1. f.y.i. ….fringe is still groovy……happy birthday !!!

  2. for the record…..that photo was taken at genovese drug store …..or woolworths on ditmars…i think

  3. Happy Happy Birthday Vera and Bill! p.s. I never thought Liam looked anything like you and now I’m realizing based on the above picture – he is your spitting image!

  4. Happy Birthday! It’s my birthday too! Enjoy your day!

  5. thanks everyone!!! 🙂

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