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2012 Fashion Trend: The Bubble Necklace

I am all about statement necklaces. Whenever I see one on a friend, I have to touch and feel. I’m a tactile kinda girl. JCrew is predicting that the bubble necklace will be HOT in 2012. Check out their option for $150. What do you think about the look?

Personally, I prefer to go with a much more muted version of the bubble necklace – like this Meira T Gold And Diamonds Bubble Necklace from maxandchloe.com. Unfortunately I don’t have $990 to throw away.

What do you think about the bubble necklace? Something you want to pick up this year?

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  1. I’m with you Vera not so much a fan of that one!

  2. I saw J Crew selling the exact same necklace a couple years ago… I’m not sure if they weren’t big back then that they’ll be big this year…

  3. I make Jewelry, and have not had ONE request for any sort of bubble jewelry!! Most people I sell to say they prefer the classier look of vintage necklaces, or ones with faceted stones. But that’s just a sampling of about 75% of my regular customers (so about 150 women)

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