Casual Cords: The Pants You Need To Stay Comfy And Chic This Winter

I bought a pair of blue corduroy pants this week and cannot wait to put them on! I already own beige and brown and I’m thinking about also snagging an evergreen… but my bank account is telling me to s-l-o-w it down this month.

So naturally, I opted to do a little window shopping online and came up with a few great pairs of corduroy pants to share just in case you were in the market.

(pictured above – LOFT Modern Slim – $59)

(Gap – Skinny Boot Cut $34-$59 depending on color choice)

(JCrew – Vintage Cord $79)

(Victoria’s Secret – Hipster Bootcut $47)

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  1. This post just might get me to actually buy some…I’ve been seeing these in the stores lately, and looking wistfully, but am deathly afraid of the vwoop-vwoop sound when I walk. Maybe I should at least try them on…

  2. I love these! I’ve been wanting to buy a pair and this just convinced me. Oh and I vote you go out and but those evergreen ones too:)

  3. It doesn’t make that sound if your thighs don’t rub together….for the rest of us the whooop whooop sound is still there 🙂

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