Let’s Talk About The Neck Tie Blouse

Love this look on others – it just doesn’t work on me because I have a really long face. However, if you are looking for a chic shirt that will pull your skinny jeans up a few notches, consider the neck tie blouse. These shirts also look great paired with a fitted blazer.

Here are a few options:

(pictured above: Untold Tie Neck Bow Blouse $58 –

True Decadence Pussybow Blouse $62 –

Sleeveless Tie Neck Blouse Red $69 –

Sticky Fingers Nude Silk Chiffon Blouse  $51  –

Silk Romantic Blouse $79 –

Tie-Neck Top $58 –

Mint Velvet Tie Neck Blouse, Grey $54 –

One last tip – you need to be standing straight while wearing this blouse – opt for a pair of heels. They will automatically push your shoulders back and give your body better shape. Otherwise, it could end up looking sloppy.

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  1. I was just gonna say – my mom and sister wore these in the 70s. I love them because it reminds me of my mom back then, but I just am not a big fan of this. They wouldn’t look good on me anyway – i hate ruffles and bows on top like that – make me look like my face is rounder and chubbier than it already is. LOL. You are so lucky to have a long, thin face, V!

  2. I like these blouses but then I would feel wearing one would make me look much older. Thanks for the tip. Best regards from Spain,

  3. I remember these in the 70’s too. Also, Jane Fonda wore them in the movie 9 to 5. Well, I bought one w/o trying it on – hate trying on clothes…but i also hate returning stuff, so sometimes it really doesn’t work out. I have a feeling this look is going to be terrible on me.

  4. ALSO, now that I’ve seen the Karsdashians out and about wearing these, the look is a little ruined for me, ha!
    I really do love the one posted above from – it’s gorgeous.

  5. Most people think the neck tie blouses were popular in the 70’s. But I just adore them. They actually can give you a very cute, classy and elegant look if you do know how to put the entire ourfit together. They certainly will not go well with a pair of jeans in my opinion, However, with a nice skirt or a pair of pants along with a pair of high heel shoes, you will look just as stunning as you can be. It may not go well with everyone, but it will look very well on someone for sure. The bottom is that you just have to know what makes you look the best.

  6. I absolutely love this look! Unfortunately, I just can’t pull it off either. I think it’s because I have a short neck 🙁

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