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Daily Diary: When The Cat Goes Away… The Mouse Calls On Her Friend’s Husband

This has nothing to do with what I’m going to write about, I just loved this pic. We got to Liam’s school a little early, so I let him sit in the front seat and play his DS. He immediately crossed his legs when he got comfortable. SO CUTE! Love my little man.

Anyway, as you can see, Bill is currently in Detroit with Ford to attend the Auto Show. There big push is the 2013 Ford Fusion (pic, info and video). That leaves me with the kids for the next few days alone. No big thang. This morning I went food shopping, hit up the post office and got my tea all before 9AM.

I’m good with it all… except the heavy stuff. You know, the stuff that Bill usually takes care of. LIKE bringing in wood for the fire. The wood is placed in these burlap bags and are heavier than ME. I don’t even TRY to lift them. It’s a battle I will never win.

As a (half) joke, I put on Facebook last night that my friend’s husband should come and help me. Bill chimed in and then it became this R rated playful rant (which I won’t post but  you can figure it out I am sure).

End result, my friend’s husband CAME AND HELPED ME.

I am so HAPPY! Tonight, that fire is going to burn all night long! It really means a lot to have people you can count on… even if it’s for a little wood. 😉

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