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Daily Diary: My Baby’s First Test In School


Every Friday, the children take a spelling test. This began after returning from Christmas break. Natalie was home with pink eye and we didn’t get the words until two days before the actual exam. So, I was FREAKING OUT. When Natalie came home, I asked her how she did and she kept saying she got 20%.

We were like… WHAT?! 20% is bad. Are you sure?

She was positive.

Well, I finally got my hands on the test and she got 120%. PHEW!

Either way, I would have documented this test because it signifies the fact that my baby is growing up. Testing is a bumpy road and I know that we are going to face many challenges once she hits 3rd and 4th grade. Standardized testing is… scary! How do parents of older children handle it all?

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  1. I used to obsess over grades and tests and all that and now…i’m so laid back about it! Ever since we shifted our thinking and realized that it’s NOT their grades and test scores that matter, life is much more relaxed. We want them to do good, but not stress them out with the pressure of a number. My homeschooling friends have really helped to change my mindset. 🙂

    Yay for a good spelling test, though! I was an ace in spelling in elementary school. We would get to eat lunch with the teacher if we got a perfect score. Once I messed up by one and didn’t get to..i was so devastated I bawled for an hour. ROFLMAO. Oh the good ole days….

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